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MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects with Distinction | Sep 2015 | Teesside University, UK

Modules: 3D Tools and Techniques, 2D Tools and Techniques, FX Animation, VFX Industry Practice

Major VFX Project: Scripting and Automating the VFX Production Pipeline

Course Representative

BSc (Hons) Computation | July 1997 | University of Manchester, UK

Computer Science Bachelor's Degree with Honours

3rd year project: Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems Using Backtracking Algorithms


V-Ray user | cg world

Certification page:

Professional Photography | New York Institute of Photography

Certificate of Graduation | July 1998

Work Experience

Lighting Artist | Red Star 3D, Sheffield, UK | Apr - May 2015

Work Experience Program - Responsible for texturing, lighting and rendering a scence using two different styles; one photorealistic and one stylized

Skills & Abilities

Excellent understanding of the general VFX pipeline

Proficient in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Photoshop

Very good working knowledge of Arnold and V-Ray renderers. Familiarity with Mental Ray

Very good knowledge of MXS, familiarity with MEL, Python, Nuke gizmos

Good knowledge of Nuke, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Very good use of FumeFX and Thinking Particles. Working knowledge of KrakatoaMX

Proficient in distributed rendering and fx simulation submissions to network farms using Deadline and Backburner

Working knowledge of Boujou, PFTrack, 3D Equilizer, Mocha Pro

Passionate about technology and always enthusiastic about new techniques

Capable of picking up new methods and quickly learn proprietary tools

Workshops / Online Training

The Live Action Series Program

Software: 3ds Max, Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Maxscript

Instructor: Allan McKay

FX TD Transformation Advanced Mentorship Program

Software: 3ds Max, FumeFX, Thinking Particles, Realflow, Maxscript

Instructor: Allan McKay

Animation Mentor | VFX Fundamentals

Software: Maya, Arnold, Nuke

Instructor: Ryan Kirby

CGWorkshops | CGSociety

Subject: Feature Film Destruction

Software: Maya, FractureFX, FumeFX

Instructor: Allan McKay

Subject: Destruction Dynamics

Software: 3ds Max, Thinking Particles, Rayfire, FumeFX

Instructor: Allan McKay

Subject: Advanced FumeFX

Software: 3ds Max, FumeFx

Instructor: Allan McKay

Subject: Nuke Compositing for 3D Artists

Instructor: Nick Deboar

Subject: Look Development & Image Based Lighting Fundamentals

Software: Maya, Mental Ray

Instructor: Noah Vice | Surface & Lighting Workshop

Software: Maya, Mental Ray

Instructor: Frederick Gaudreau

Mastering CGI with Grant Warwick

Mastering Hard Surface Modelling

Mastering V-Ray

Mastering Lighting

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